Sue Tran

Sue Tran

Retail Executive

0411 064 363

Sue was born in China, and has lived and worked in Australia for over 17 years. Graduating in Business Accounting and Finance and has a full real estate licence. Her passion is the Retail sector and she brings her accounting knowledge to the Retail property industry.

Sue has been working for an International Estate Agent, who is based in China, and introduced various investors into the Australian property market, including Retail, residential and commercial properties. Sue will continue to use her ability, skills and contacts to assist the professional Retail team at CPRM Property Group (QLD).

Sue can speak both English and Mandarin fluently and focuses on establishing business relationships in South Brisbane, by working closely with all parties to deliver initiatives to generate income.

Sue studies the future trends in the retail industry and constantly updates her knowledge. She has a strong ethical desire to succeed and provide the best result for her clients.

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