CPRM Property Group (QLD) has a commitment to serving the needs of astute property investors. We realise that the real estate and asset management industry is evolving rapidly and we continue to be on the cutting edge of the ever changing economic and real estate climate.

The objective of the Asset Management division is to foster a close relationship with Clients, whilst maintaining a harmonious relationship with Tenants. This will ensure that the services provided for your investment property are managed professionally and efficiently at all times.

Securing an Agent who can consistently deliver sound asset management services is paramount to the future success of your property and its financial viability. Our team of Asset Managers are experienced, long term career real estate agents. Our experience assures you of the highest standard of client services available. CPRM Property Group (QLD) currently manages a large portfolio of properties, ranging from industrial, warehouses, retail shopping centres, as well as a wide range of office space.


Commercial Property Management is a specialised field, with many unusual and varied requirements under legislation that the majority of traditional real estate agencies do not have the information, confidence or knowledge to deal with.

The success of our Asset Management team is the backing of experts in other associated fields, such as Commercial Leasing and Sales, also Agents who can provide commercial property investment advice.

Our specialised team will ensure, with our local commercial knowledge, that your properties will have a smooth transition to being managed, removing any stress and hassle you may be currently experiencing.

Asset Management is not just the collection of rent. To efficiently manage a property, the amount of work involved requires experts, such as our team at CPRM Property Group (QLD), to provide a comprehensive range of tasks required to enable complete Portfolio Management.

It is imperative that our Clients are achieving the appropriate return from their property investment and, it is for this reason, that our Director takes a close and personal interest in every property that is being managed by the firm.


» Monthly statements

» Disbursement of rental funds directly into your bank account (either fortnightly or monthly)

» Invoicing, collection of rent, outgoings & bonds

» Monitor lease expiries, both with or without options, and liaise with all parties on lease renewals. Ensure all necessary documents are prepared correctly.

» Outgoings; prepare estimated and reconciled reports as per the Retail Shop Leases Act

» Maintain recoverable outgoings for auditing & legislation requirements

» Arrears control

» Maintenance, quotes & inspections

» Insurance Renewals and Claims; we do the paperwork for you!

» Calculation of CPI and Market Reviews as per lease terms and conditions

» Regular inspections complete with report and photo of property

» Property rental appraisal

» Risk management

» Fire Safety & Asbestos compliance

» Co-ordination & compliance management of contractors

» Invoice/creditor payments

» Investigate cost savings measures

» Lease conditions compliance

» Maximising return therefore enhancing asset value