Dan has been working in Commercial Real Estate in the Moreton Bay Region since 2012 and has brokered many leases and sales of industrial buildings, commercial offices and retail complexes, including that of signature and historic properties. Growing up in Pine Rivers, he has extensive knowledge of the area, as well as being an active member of his local Auxiliary Fire Station, Rural Fire Brigade and Neighbourhood Rural Watch.

Dan has seen immense growth and development within the region over the past few decades and sees this continuing for many years to come as the region continues to attract families, businesses and investors.

His background and experience covers a broad range of industries from industrial fabrication to corporate industry to emergency services, and this has given him comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the demands and requirements of different businesses in regards to commercial property.

With this understanding of diverse industries - along with his own small business experience - Dan is uniquely positioned to provide excellent service to all clients, from large development projects to leasing on small office space, all with the same enthusiasm and commitment to exceeding expectations.